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How to Prevent Canon Printer Paper Jam or Fix It?

Definitely Canon is a great printer brand and it manufactures printer of great quality and style but common printer problems can still stop its functioning or delay your work. One of the most common issues that I think every printer user must have experienced is of paper jam. It can happen anytime and anywhere in the middle of printing task and with a paper jam you cannot continue with printing. You cannot eradicate the problem for always but yes you can try some measures to avoid this issue.

  • Overfilling the paper tray can cause paper jam issue, so better not fill the paper tray to its capacity.
  • Make sure your printer slider is adjusted properly as per paper type and size, otherwise you will experience frequent paper jam for sure.
  • Never mix different size of paper.
  • Always keep paper correctly seated in the slot or the tray to avoid any jam or paper stuck issue.
  • Prefer to use standard office paper as other papers can cause problems because they have different dimensions. If you are unaware which type of paper your printer is compatible with then contact 24*7 canon printer customer helpline number for consultation.
  • There should be no foreign objects or debris in the printer.

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Opposed Due To Internet Security Error 1719 In Kaspersky?

Hiring an antivirus solution is not copious attempt; rather we are supposed to check on the daily performance of it. If not, they emanate some error codes that its users don’t have knowledge of. If you have Kaspersky installed on your system, you may get opposed with Kaspersky Internet Security Error 1719 that will crashes the active program window.


Whenever your system suddenly crashes displaying the Error 1719 and your system accessories are responding slowly, this mean you have to take some step against these symptoms to continue working. This error mainly occurs during installation of the antivirus program. The reason behind this error may be corrupt installation or incomplete installation, or there is some issue with your operating system registry. Not only these, there may be other issues as well, like virus infecting your system. To know more about or to prevent them, you can connect the technical experts at Kasperksy Contact Number UK.

Now what you need to do is a list of troubleshooting steps so that you can fix your Error 1719 problems.

Follow the below given troubleshooting instructions step by step to get your issue resolved:

  • You need to Repair Registry Entries related with Error 1719.
  • And then start a Full Malware Scan in your system.
  • Then try to clean out unwanted files With Disk Cleanup.
  • After that, update your system drivers.
  • Now utilize System Restore to Undo Recent System updates.
  • Then Uninstall and Reinstall the Kaspersky Internet Security.
  • And then run Windows System File Checker.
  • Now you have to install All Available Windows Updates.
  • Lastly, perform an updated installation of your operating system.

If you still get any further problems or still getting the above error, then there is none other better option than to connect the technical experts available at Kasperksy Technical Helpline Support Number UK 0808-238-7544 and you will be helped for sure with the best in class resolutions. You can call them 24/7 and can get instant support on the go.

Kodak All in One Printer is Printing too Slow

kodak printer

Kodak Printer is an application that allows you to create and print your own images.You can try printing after closing all the running programs. If the problem persists then try the given method.

  • Open the program from which you are printing, for example Microsoft Word.
  • Select Print.
  • Click on Properties / preferences.
  • Then click Advanced tab.
  • Select the Plain Paper from the paper type list. (Note: if the paper type is not available then upgrade to the latest version of the software)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

In other case, if your printer prints and then stop, again then print and stop and take too much time to print then you need to check the connection between your printer and the computer. ​​​​​​​

For USB Connection :

Check out the hub. Also make sure that the USB cable is of 2.0 and the distance between the printer and the computer is less than 1.8 meter.​​​​​​​

For Wireless Connection:

You should be aware of the distance from the router. Please consult a technician for this by dialing 0808-238-7544 Kodak Printer Technical Helpline Number UK .​​​​​​​

Note: If you are using a wireless printer then remember that the printing is slower in wireless printer as compared to wired printer.​​​​​​​

If you are still getting the issue then please set your printer for Optional printing by following the given steps:​​​​​​​

  • Click Start button and go to Settings.
  • Select Printers & faxes and look for your printer in the list.
  • Right click your printer and then select Properties.
  • Now click Advanced tab and set the Priority to 1.
  • Then select Spool Print document so program finishes printing faster.
  • Select Start printing immediately.
  • And lastly select print spool document first.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You will need proper guidance For That purpose, do dial our toll free number and Enhance your printer performance.


When McAfee Product Prompts Invalid Product Key

There are countless preferences available that we can select to keep our system secure. McAfee is the most trustable system software when we head to search for the desired one. With the latest features, it manages to exchange blows with the imperfections causing damage to your device. Plus they maintain your important files and folders protected. It is an all in one service made for PC, Mobiles, Networking Servers, and many more.


Rather the best in class services it provides, it sometimes generates some technical error that can’t be solved by your own. Experts available at McAfee Customer Care Number UK are skilled and highly proficient towards any task they are assigned to. One of the errors confronted in McAfee during its installation is when the product appears with an error saying, Invalid Product Key. To resolve this annoying issue, you need to visit the official website of McAfee and verify user login information with product key that you have entered and check whether you have input the correct information.

You need not worry for the issue you have faced, just follow the suggestions given in this blog carefully. Download and activate your McAfee Product by following the steps given below:

  • Login to your McAfee Account at the official website.
  • Now Enter registered Email & Password. If you are a new user, then you register as a new one.
  • Then select for the country.
  • Then enter 25 Alphanumeric Product Key.
  • And lastly Download and Install the McAfee Antivirus Setup.

Remember: Don’t share your product key with anyone and be careful while typing it. Generally, it is to be found on the back of the McAfee Retail card.

Follow the above steps carefully and get successful in resolving out this error. If the error still persists, then you should consult the technical support team available at McAfee Contact Number UK 0808-238-7544 instantly. The technical team that is deployed at this service is highly determined and proficient to provide you hand to hand resolutions for every issue you are confronted to. You just need to dial at toll free whenever you feel like.

Norton Product Displayed Error 8504,104. What to Do?

Despite their importance to secure your device, Antivirus also presents bewildering range of problems that can’t be solved by your own. Norton Antivirus, though most adopted among others, creates infliction’s that would need expertise assistance. The expertise guidance offered at Norton Support Number UK will help you get this problem resolved within a short period of time.

norton-support (1)

Yet, sometimes, Norton product shows up with some error codes following with error message. These error codes get misinterpreted by the users. One of such issue is Error 8504,104 that can be caused by another antivirus to be installed in your device or due to a failed installation during the latest upgrade.

To resolve this issue, follow the instructions given below carefully.

  1. Run the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool – Uninstall the Norton product and download the Norton Removal tool. Open the tool and Double-click the NRnR icon and then Click to Agree the License Agreement. Then go to the advanced options, then click remove only and after removing, click to restart it again. After your system restarts, follow the displaying instructions to reinstall your product.
  2. Uninstall any other Antivirus product, if present – Open the Run dialog box and type appwiz.cpl and press Enter. Choose for the not needed security product and Uninstall or Remove them from the list of recent installed programs. Follow the instructions to uninstall it completely. Restart your device.
  3. Update the Video graphics driver immediately – Open the Run dialogue box and input devmgmt.msc and press enter. Then double click on Display Adapters present in the Device Manager Window. Then right click the HD graphics card and then choose properties. Ensure that the graphics you choose for are outdated or latest. If it is not up to date then update it with latest version available. And select for your graphics card manually.

If the error code still appears, then you must contact the technical support team present at Norton Phone Number UK 0808-238-7544 for instant and helpful assistance. They have deployed well trained technicians that support you whenever needed.

Learn About Bullguard Firewall Application Rules

Firewall is an important feature of any antivirus as it helps you manage the traffic on your computer when connected to the network. It has advanced module customization option that allows you to set the firewall in a way that it matches your security needs or your network configuration. You need to specify the Application rules in the firewall settings to make it decide which applications are allowed to access your network connection.


To open Application rules, first you need to pen Bullguard antivirus and then click on Firewall. After that go to Firewall Settings and press Firewall rules, there in Firewall rules click on Application rules. Application tab is a place where you will find some re defined rules and all user installed programs that are trying to either send or receive information through the active network connection. You can contact experts at Bullguard Phone Number UK . Let us learn more about the Firewall rules and its settings.

Policy: This Determines Firewall Action On That Particular Application:

  • Allow: The application will be able to send and receive information from the network.
  • Block: The firewall will block the information access from that specific application.
  • Ask Me: Every time that applications starts, the firewall will ask you whether you want allow or deny the access of network by that application.

Protocol: The protocol type of the firewall will allow the application to use. If any other data is send or receive by any other protocol type then the firewall will block it.

Direction: The direction of the traffic for the specific application.

Ports: You can specify the ports that allow the application to use, if you don’t specify any port then the application will use all ports available that are not closed by firewall or that don’t have any other network restriction.

Remote Hosts: It is the IP address with which the application will connect to send and receive data. If there is no IP address mentioned in Remote hosts then the application will use all IPs.

Application Path: It shows where you can find the executable files associated with the firewall.

Automatically Create Rules for Known Programs: This allows the firewall to create rules for all those known programs that are available in the database. You will just get the notification at the corner of the screen saying that the application is allowed automatically.

These are just some basic rules of the Firewall. To know more about the Firewall rules and its settings please dial Bullguard Support Number UK.

How McAfee Antivirus Actually Works?


McAfee is a complete cyber security solution that makes World a safer place to live. McAfee product protects, detect and correct the threats simultaneously to keep your device away from virus and malware. But any antivirus works well till the time it is not getting any issue. The easiest way to fight against issues is to call a technician at McAfee Phone Number UK.

Here in this section we are going to focus on the working of the software.

Virus Database

Any antivirus software works on its database. It blocks viruses from entering your system and kill those viruses that entered your system after breaking the firewall. The software keep on updating its database and according to that data, it scans the internet and identifies any malicious software or program by its name, type and destructive capability. With database information, it even deletes some malicious content. Once the scan process gets complete, it makes sure that no malware could enter your system, and if in case it is already in the system then it deletes the malware.


Once the virus database if updates, the computer’s firewall become more powerful. McAfee doesn’t allow anything to enter your device without your permission, whenever there is any potential threat, you will receive a warning from McAfee. In some advanced version of McAfee, the firewall even covers up the internet. You will always be notified about the harmful websites while you surf the net. But if in case you allowed some virus or malware in your system by downloading some malicious software or opening corrupted attachment then the only way to protect your device is through virus scan tool, which will find and kill malware for manual deletion.

Virus Scan Utility

The virus scan utility, scan your system completely for malwares and then make a list of malicious programs that you can manually delete at the end of the scan. McAfee database allows the program to detect and eliminate most of the threats with a complete scan.

It become must for an antivirus user to keep its software updates for an updates virus database. For any query you can get touch with our expert technicians at McAfee Customer Care Number UK.