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How Do I Resolve Brother Printers Paper Jam Issue?

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At the point when any user deals with Printer, clearly they will experience a Paper jam issue. At whatever point this issue happens in user’s printer, the warning will display on their printer primary board. Users can settle this issue themselves by taking care of some points.

However users can prevent this issue by using given steps that are also common in all advanced printers. For more information and other Brother Printer issues and troubleshooting users can immediately contact at Brother Printer Technical Customer Care Number UK.

  • User should avoid overfilling the paper tray can result in paper jam issue,
  • Printer slider should be positioned correctly, it can cause paper jam issue.
  • User should not mix papers of different sizes
  • Examine your printer before printing; it should not have any garbage or any foreign object in it.
  • Do not utilize folded and marked paper as they can regularly cause paper jam due to unpredictable measurements.

Troubleshooting steps:

  • Firstly, open the front tray of your Brother printer and let it chill off for next 10 minutes.
  • Now you can haul out the cartridge and ink drum from within board of your printer. On the off chance that you are getting any issue in opening the drum get together, at that point you can quickly call at Brother Printer Support Number UK.
  • Now shut the printer cover and haul the paper tray totally out of your printer.
  • It is prescribed to utilize both the hands to remove the paper from inside.
  • Now open the back cover and remove the fuse covers by drawing the tabs from the left and right-hand side.
  • Now you can drag the jammed paper that jammed inside it
  • Pull the duplex tray completely from the printer and remove the paper from it,
  • Now delicately squeeze duplex tray inside.
  • Keep the Paper tray back to the machine.
  • You will discover green lock lever inside the cartridge unit. Press it to remove the toner from the drum unit. Clean the get together and re-gather it.
  • Now you can close all the opened covers legitimately and ensure that Error Led has killed.
  • If the printer does not begin printing naturally, then press the Go button.

These are a few stages that you can take after to investigate paper jam issue, be that as it may if your printer is as yet demonstrating a similar issue, at that point you can contact at Brother Printer Technical Help Number UK 0808-238-7544.


How to Stop Excessive Pop-Ups in AVG Antivirus?


What are pop ups? Pop ups are unwanted notifications and Ads then comes ups while we are doing any work on our system. No one likes to get disturbed due to Pop-ups. If you are an AVG antivirus or AVG Internet Security user then you too must have experienced the same while playing games or doing work. But do you know that you can minimize or stop these notifications from troubling you. Yes, that true, but for that you should have updated antivirus software. The measure you need to follow depends upon the product you have i.e. a paid version, free version or a trail version. You can take assistance from antivirus experts at AVG Phone Number UK, but before that please follow this given method:

Measures for Paid Version:

  • Open your AVG App.
  • Select Option and then go to Advanced Settings
  • Select Appearance.
  • Under Set Maximum Frequency on in-app offers from AVG and trusted 3rd Parties select your choice:
  • More than once a day
  • Once a day
  • Once every 3 days
  • Once a week
  • Once a month
  • Never
  • Then select Ok

Measures for Trail Version: Trail version is similar to the paid version. Here also you need to follow the same steps to set your Pop-ups frequency.

Measures for Free version:

  • Open your AVG application.
  • Select Options and then click Advanced Settings.
  • Select Appearance.
  • Under Set Maximum Frequency on in-app offers from AVG and trusted 3rd Parties select your choice:
  • More than once a day
  • Once a day
  • Once every three day
  • Select Ok

Here I would like to mention that whatever version you are using but still frequency control will not work on some notifications like: 1. AV Detection Dialogues, 2. First Scan Notification, 3. Expiration Notification and 4. Restart Dialogue. For any other query you can consult us at AVG Support Number UK at any point of time of the day as we work round the clock.