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Process to Refill Canon Printer Ink Cartridge

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Replacing the ink cartridge every time can be little expensive in Canon Printers, that is the reason people choose to refill the cartridge. Most Canon Cartridge can be refilled and even they save your pocket. You just need to have a refilling kit for this purpose and then follow the instructions given in this lesson. Apart from this you can also take help from printer experts on Canon Printer Helpline Number UK.

Step 1- Check your ink cartridge              

  • Most inkjet cartridge have count down and when it reaches 0 you get an error while printing.
  • Remove the ink cartridge by following the instruction given by the manual.
  • If the cartridge still have ink then reinstall it and when you see the error, simply click Ok.
  • If the ink cartridge is empty then continue with the next step to refill it.

Step 2- Preparation for Refilling Cartridge

  • For refilling the cartridge you will need a 30 cc syringe with a needle, a thumb drill and printer ink.
  • Place the ink container on a paper or cloth as it might leak.
  • Select the color of your ink.
  • Now place the needle in the color bottle.

Step 3- Replace the Ink

  • There is a hole in the sponge are of the cartridge from where the ink comes.
  • Squeeze the drops of the correct color of ink on this hole to fill the sponge with ink.
  • Tape the exit hole to prevent ink leakage while you refill Canon Cartridge.
  • You need to drill a hole in the ink cartridge with the thumb drill beneath the label. Beneath the label there is a dimple, in the centre of the dimple you have to drill the hole.
  • Set the needle in the hole and carefully push the ink inside.
  • Remove the needle and put the top back so that ink doesn’t spill.
  • Seal the hole with a glue, hot wax or electric tape.
  • Then remove the tape you put on the sponge area.

Step 4- Reinstall the cartridge 

  • Install the cartridge and set maintenance on the printer.
  • Run the printer through its cleaning cycle.
  • Let the refilled cartridge set inside the printer for at least 8 hours before printing.

We hope that we have made the task easier for you. But despite our efforts if you are unable to refill the cartridge then you can take help from our technicians through phone call or remote assistance on Canon Printer Support UK.



Keep Your Kids Safe via Bullguard Antivirus Parental Control Feature

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The world has become digital with the invention of computers, mobiles and especially internet. Each and everything is available on internet. Although, we feel blessed that we can get every information and knowledge over internet but do you think it is even safe for kids. There are so many inappropriate sites and pages online that are not safe for kids, in fact kids are being tempted towards social networking sites which is absolutely not meant for them. But how can we stop our kids from visiting these sites as we can’t keep a watch on them 24×7. Now there is a way for you to make your kids browse safe, Bullguard comes with Parental Control feature that give full control to parents to decide which sites are safe and which are not for their children. To get complete information about this feature talk to our experts at Bullguard Helpline Number UK.

What is Parental Control?

Parental Control protects your children from inappropriate sites and contents, and even can limit their time online. It monitors their online activities and keeps their personal information safe.

How it works?

On a particular profile you can specify blocked content, computer and internet access schedule and other blacklisted information that they can’t use online.

How you can use it?

  • Don’t share your Bullguard password with your kids.
  • You need to create a separate standard user account for your kid.
  • To set the profile open Bullguard application and click on (…) from the Parental control box and then choose Add Profile.
  • Create your Parental control profile.

When you create the profile at that time you can block the sites that you want to block for your kids and even specify the time and days on which your kid can go online. But in case you are not able to create this profile on your own then take help from antivirus experts who are available at Bullguard Help Number UK to support in all possible ways.

Methods to Resolve Quality Issues of HP Office Jet 6000 Printer Series (E609)

hp-printer.jpgA good quality print is expected from every printer. If you are having issues with your print quality using HP Office Jet 6000 Printer Series (E609) using Windows then you can try the following method to resolve the issue.

Solution 1– It is suggested that you use genuine HP ink or toner supply. If you are not using authentic cartridge then nothing could resolve the issue.

Solution 2– Many poor quality print problem, especially with black ink can be resolved with the printer’s automatic servicing routine. You don’t have to do anything; the print quality will start improving automatically in few hours.

Solution 3– Check the paper: Use the following guidelines to check if you are using appropriate paper or not.

  • Load the paper print side down in the input tray.
  • Don not use wrinkled or curled paper.
  • Use the correct media type as you have selected in the printer.
  • Try using the different paper to determine if the issue is related to paper or not.

Solution 4– You have ink level indicator so that you can be ready with new cartridge in case the present one is going to be empty soon. If the ink level is low or empty then replace the cartridge now.

Solution 5– Clean print head

  • Open Hp solution center and click settings.
  • In the Print Setting area, click printer toolbox. The printer toolbox opens.
  • On the device service tab, click clean the print heads.
  • Click Clean to begin the process.
  • Repeat the step to improve the quality.

Solution 6– Replace the damaged cartridge. May be only one particular cartridge is causing issue, that you can identify through quality diagnostic report. It is suggested that you need to change that particular cartridge.

Solution 7– If all the above methods didn’t resolve the issue then the issue is with print head. Please replace the print head to resolve the problem.

Solution 8– If nothing worked then the last hope is the service center. You can take help from the technicians and ask them to assist you the proper method for resolving this issue. You have to dial HP Printer Helpline Number UK to resolve all the issues related to this machine.


Importance of Having McAfee Antivirus

One of the most common reasons of failure or problems is that our computer lacks proper protection. Mostly people say that they use their PC just for surfing net and playing games and hence they don’t think they need any protection. But if you think so that you are at risk, a computer without a security software is always at risk. Antivirus importance is always overlooked and has dire consequences for the unfortunate computer owner.mcafee-tech-support-1.jpgA virus can attack you computer through various means like phishing sites, emails, free programs, pop up messages or downloading affected files. Not only this, even if you are not using internet then also you are at risk, as a virus can enter your computer through CDs, USBs or DVDs. So, it is essential to have good antivirus software in your system to detect and remove virus. McAfee antivirus program makes your system clean and secure from harmful virus, worms, Trojans and other attacks through scanning.

McAfee detects suspicious sites and files that contain malicious programs before they enter your computer. They simply block the path of virus and prevent it from entering, and if your system already get infected by the virus then it remove it from device. You can know more about McAfee antivirus through our antivirus experts by calling them on McAfee Support Number UK. Now the question arises how you can download and install McAfee in your system. Please follow the given steps to complete this task:

  • Go to McAfee home page and click My Account.
  • Now sign in with your McAfee username and password. (If you don’t have username and password then register now)
  • Click Login.
  • Select the type of device you want to install.
  • Then select the McAfee software you want to install.
  • Click downloads.
  • Read the License agreement and click Agree.
  • You will see a serial number on the screen; note it down as you will need it later.
  • Then follow the on screen instructions to complete the installation.

If you get any error of problem while downloading or installing the software then please consult our team at McAfee Phone Number UK to resolve that issue. We will provide you instant support.

How to Uninstall Adobe Flash Player from Windows


There are so many reasons due to which user prefer to uninstall Adobe from Windows. For this purpose you need to download the Adobe Flash Player uninstaller. One you downloaded it, close all the applications, browsers and programs that uses Flash, then run the uninstaller. Finally restart your computer and open any browser that had Adobe, and check it is successfully uninstalled or not. If you are unable to perform this task, then please dial us at Adobe Support Number UK and take guidance over this issue or any other from our executives.

How to Stop Excessive Pop-Ups in AVG Antivirus?


What are pop ups? Pop ups are unwanted notifications and Ads then comes ups while we are doing any work on our system. No one likes to get disturbed due to Pop-ups. If you are an AVG antivirus or AVG Internet Security user then you too must have experienced the same while playing games or doing work. But do you know that you can minimize or stop these notifications from troubling you. Yes, that true, but for that you should have updated antivirus software. The measure you need to follow depends upon the product you have i.e. a paid version, free version or a trail version. You can take assistance from antivirus experts at AVG Phone Number UK, but before that please follow this given method:

Measures for Paid Version:

  • Open your AVG App.
  • Select Option and then go to Advanced Settings
  • Select Appearance.
  • Under Set Maximum Frequency on in-app offers from AVG and trusted 3rd Parties select your choice:
  • More than once a day
  • Once a day
  • Once every 3 days
  • Once a week
  • Once a month
  • Never
  • Then select Ok

Measures for Trail Version: Trail version is similar to the paid version. Here also you need to follow the same steps to set your Pop-ups frequency.

Measures for Free version:

  • Open your AVG application.
  • Select Options and then click Advanced Settings.
  • Select Appearance.
  • Under Set Maximum Frequency on in-app offers from AVG and trusted 3rd Parties select your choice:
  • More than once a day
  • Once a day
  • Once every three day
  • Select Ok

Here I would like to mention that whatever version you are using but still frequency control will not work on some notifications like: 1. AV Detection Dialogues, 2. First Scan Notification, 3. Expiration Notification and 4. Restart Dialogue. For any other query you can consult us at AVG Support Number UK at any point of time of the day as we work round the clock.

Causes with Solutions for Color Print Issues in Epson Aculaser CX11 Printer

With time new and new technologies are coming us, earlier we are just able to print in black and white but now with advancement of printers we have facility to print in any color. But for that we should have printer that facilitates this. Epson Aculaser CX11 series can perform this function really well. This printer comes with advanced features and can give quality print unless you get technical issues with it. There are times when you get issues in color printing. We can categories these issues in three different sections, let us discuss them with their resolutions.

  • Can’t print in color

Cause 1: Black is selected as a default color in settings.

Solution: Simply change the setting of the color in the printer.

Cause 2: The color setting in the application is not suitable for color printing.

Solution: Just change the setting of the application to make it appropriate for color printing.

  • The color differs with different printers

Cause: It happens if the printer driver setting and color tables vary printer’s model.

Solution: Go to the more setting dialogue box of the printer driver and set the gamma setting to 1.8, then try to take out the print. If you are still unable to get print then adjust the colors using slide bars.

  • The color look different from monitor image

Cause 1: Both monitor and machine use different color setting: Monitor uses (Red, Green & Blue) while printer uses (Cyan, Magenta, yellow & black).

Solution: It is difficult to match the color but you can diminish the difference by selecting the printer’s driver ICM settings. And if you are a Mac user then go for ColorSync setting.

Cause 2: Photo Enhance may be selected in the printer’s driver.

Solution: The main purpose of Photo Enhance is to correct the contrast and brightness of the original image data, so if you want exact picture then this feature is not suitable for you.

The above are some main reasons of not getting desired color print, we have tried our best to provide you solution of each problem but if you are still having any difficulty then you can take assistance from our experts at Epson Printer Help Number UK. You can call them any point of time and get instant resolution for your problem.