Methods to Resolve Quality Issues of HP Office Jet 6000 Printer Series (E609)

hp-printer.jpgA good quality print is expected from every printer. If you are having issues with your print quality using HP Office Jet 6000 Printer Series (E609) using Windows then you can try the following method to resolve the issue.

Solution 1– It is suggested that you use genuine HP ink or toner supply. If you are not using authentic cartridge then nothing could resolve the issue.

Solution 2– Many poor quality print problem, especially with black ink can be resolved with the printer’s automatic servicing routine. You don’t have to do anything; the print quality will start improving automatically in few hours.

Solution 3– Check the paper: Use the following guidelines to check if you are using appropriate paper or not.

  • Load the paper print side down in the input tray.
  • Don not use wrinkled or curled paper.
  • Use the correct media type as you have selected in the printer.
  • Try using the different paper to determine if the issue is related to paper or not.

Solution 4– You have ink level indicator so that you can be ready with new cartridge in case the present one is going to be empty soon. If the ink level is low or empty then replace the cartridge now.

Solution 5– Clean print head

  • Open Hp solution center and click settings.
  • In the Print Setting area, click printer toolbox. The printer toolbox opens.
  • On the device service tab, click clean the print heads.
  • Click Clean to begin the process.
  • Repeat the step to improve the quality.

Solution 6– Replace the damaged cartridge. May be only one particular cartridge is causing issue, that you can identify through quality diagnostic report. It is suggested that you need to change that particular cartridge.

Solution 7– If all the above methods didn’t resolve the issue then the issue is with print head. Please replace the print head to resolve the problem.

Solution 8– If nothing worked then the last hope is the service center. You can take help from the technicians and ask them to assist you the proper method for resolving this issue. You have to dial HP Printer Helpline Number UK to resolve all the issues related to this machine.


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