Causes with Solutions for Color Print Issues in Epson Aculaser CX11 Printer

With time new and new technologies are coming us, earlier we are just able to print in black and white but now with advancement of printers we have facility to print in any color. But for that we should have printer that facilitates this. Epson Aculaser CX11 series can perform this function really well. This printer comes with advanced features and can give quality print unless you get technical issues with it. There are times when you get issues in color printing. We can categories these issues in three different sections, let us discuss them with their resolutions.

  • Can’t print in color

Cause 1: Black is selected as a default color in settings.

Solution: Simply change the setting of the color in the printer.

Cause 2: The color setting in the application is not suitable for color printing.

Solution: Just change the setting of the application to make it appropriate for color printing.

  • The color differs with different printers

Cause: It happens if the printer driver setting and color tables vary printer’s model.

Solution: Go to the more setting dialogue box of the printer driver and set the gamma setting to 1.8, then try to take out the print. If you are still unable to get print then adjust the colors using slide bars.

  • The color look different from monitor image

Cause 1: Both monitor and machine use different color setting: Monitor uses (Red, Green & Blue) while printer uses (Cyan, Magenta, yellow & black).

Solution: It is difficult to match the color but you can diminish the difference by selecting the printer’s driver ICM settings. And if you are a Mac user then go for ColorSync setting.

Cause 2: Photo Enhance may be selected in the printer’s driver.

Solution: The main purpose of Photo Enhance is to correct the contrast and brightness of the original image data, so if you want exact picture then this feature is not suitable for you.

The above are some main reasons of not getting desired color print, we have tried our best to provide you solution of each problem but if you are still having any difficulty then you can take assistance from our experts at Epson Printer Help Number UK. You can call them any point of time and get instant resolution for your problem.



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